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11-27-15 Are all 'great' educators just alike?

11-9-15 What's known about reading, and when.

8-21-15 Our nation's Race to the Bottom.

6-17-15 Charleston: In memorium.

6-9-15 Tim Morgan makes a pitch for school bonds.

6-9-15 Superintendent search: Board hears one voice

4-29-15 Assignment '17-'18 Archive

1-7-15 Nous sommes Charlie



12-11-14 Independent eyes

11-7-14 The 'culture of fear'

10-11-14 On democracy and voting.

8-15-14 A turning point in Ferguson?

7-24-14 Point to Ponder: Why aren't more adults engaged in fight for a future for all children?

7-6-14 'Hot topic' of the day is...

6-20-14 'Don't ever, ever shy away from a good struggle'

6-16-14 Tribalism in CMS: An update

6-1-14 Comments, responses on the Manning article

5-15-14 Judge Manning issues a report on "the reading problem."




12-16-12 President Obama on the Newtown tragedy.

10-5-12 Supt. Heath Morrison holds a town hall meeting with about 50 people at Hopewell High.

9-13-12 Longtime Fellowship leader John Andrews is dead.

9-8-12 What would success look like for CMS?

Do students have the answer on teacher quality?

1-13-12 A look at racial isolation among whites in CMS schools.

1-12-12 Graphic on turnover among CMS staff.

1-2-12 "We have set the wrong criteria in superintendent search."




12-14-11 Welcome to new members of the Board of Education.

New board faces an immediate test of its direction.

11-8-11 An election-night Thank You to all candidates in the school board election, and congratulations to the winners.

11-10-11 Swann board meets to review election results.

9-12-11 Board candidates are interviewed; watch their responses to 10 questions.

6-9-11 Steve Johnston on what type of leader should follow Peter Gorman.

3-18-11 Gary Orfield reports on segregation and inequality

2-20-11 Map shows Focus middle schools for 2011-12.

2-8-11 School board decisions on budget cuts.

2-1-11 Wake school board chair Ron Margiotta on student assignment.

1-27-11 Supt. Peter Gorman quoted on how to treat children.

1-9-11 An open letter to the community about school budgeting.



10-16-10 March to the Square draws about 200 parents and children to protest closings and other proposed changes to schools.

10-14-10 Point to Ponder: How CMS Comprehensive Plan is developing is reprehensible.

10-13-10 The Charlotte Post coverage of school board meeting, with video.

9-29-10 The 20th day enrollment numbers for CMS.

9-14-10 A Southern Poverty Law Center study tracks suspension rates in middle school; CMS rate above median for urban systems.

8-27-10 More than 700 Charlotte-Mecklenburg nonprofits, including PTAs, are in jeopardy of losing their tax-exempt status.

8-12-10 Point to Ponder: CMS Board of Education hires a new employee.

8-12-10 A sig for our times in CMS history.

8-6-10 No Child Left Behind status may figure in school-closings decisions for 2011.

4-12-10 Have we given up on boys' education?

2-28-10 Leave 3,804 Children Behind.

2-28-10 A series of background video clips about CMS.

1-21-10 The Colbert Report's Word: Disintegration.

1-17-10 Comment by Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx.

1-2-10 Graphic shows numbers of superintendent's community addresses posted to his website, by year.



12-28-09 A note on this site soliciting ideas for student assignment produced little. Here's the note and the contacts made.

12-23-09 National statement issued on role of integration in K-12 education.

11-3-09 Election night: These nine face the uncertainties ahead for the CMS school board.

10-23-09 Harding High parents protest being drawn into the Myers Park-East Meck assignment issue, the Observer reports. Text cache.

10-8-09 More reassignment scenarios offered, but the maps weren't on paper so here they are.

10-6-09 Students join the debate over assignment issues at Myers Park and East Meck high schools.

10-1-09 At East Meck community meeting, school board's handling of assignment issues.

9-29-09 Staff comments suggest CMS is looking more broadly for ways to redesign Eastover Elemenentary's attendance zone. attendance zone. Pictures from event. Observer story. Text cache.

9-22-09 School board rules out moving Cotswold area to East Meck.

9-20-09 Author Richard Rothstein discusses the role of socioeconomics in the creation of the achievement gap.

9-10-09 State law gives PTAs the right to bypass local administrations and give a shout-out to NC education officials when their children are not being served.

7-28-09 Federal grants are available to school systems like CMS to study how to write assignment plans encouraging diversity.

7-21-09 NC Justice News summarizes bill that would force schools to involve parents in the creation of personal education plans.

6-25-09 Chart based on preliminary EOG scores tracks various manifestations of the achievement gap.

5-17-09 Researcher Gary Orfield argues for more societal support for single working mothers.

5-24-09 Queens University of Charlotte study ranks graduation rates at UNC for graduates of CMS high school.

5-1-09 N.C. Justice Center article notes increase in percentage of students failing, urges stronger intervention.

4-22-09 UCLA study on "Why High-Stakes Accountability Sounds Good Doesn't Work"

4-10-09 More CMS schools will open this fall with high-poverty student populations.

4-8-09 Point to Ponder: How can we fix what we say we don't understand?

2-28-09 Results of the CMS magnet lottery are released.

2-10-09 Two districts, Wake County and CMS, have handled assignment differently but for minority children, results about the same.

2-8-09 A look back at 1999 assignment decisions that have resegregated CMS schools.

2-5-09 Century Fund's Richard Kahlenberg warns against trying to make high-poverty schools "work."

2-1-09 CMS releases an Equity Report.

1-16-09 UNC to hold conference on legal environment for school racial integration.

1-14-09 Gary Orfield on Martin Luther King Jr.



12-27-08 Read how Spaugh teacher Calvin Walton challenged his students to put Obama election in perspective.

12-27-08 Science scores in CMS are, in a word, abysmal.

12-11-08  Maps show where Board-certified teachers serve in CMS -- and where they don't.

9-24-08 CMS launches a "data dashboard" on its website for better access to test scores and other information.

9-24-08 Mecklenburg Citizens for Public Education sponsor training for potential school board members on Nov. 1.

9-13-08 Upcoming talk by The Rev. Aleia Salvatierra focuses on 'crisis of working poverty.'

8-26-08 Graphic tracks Critical Reading SAT scores against poverty statistics by high school. 

8-26-08 Mike Collins takes discussion of "Education and Poverty" paper to WJZY-TV. Segment can be viewed online.

8-20-08 On "Charlotte Talks," Fellowship board members, school board member and familly court judge discuss "Education and Poverty" paper on WFAE.

8-14-08 Fellowship holds community discussion of "Education and Poverty in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools."

6-25-08 Chart displays ethnic score gaps in CMS on high school end-of-course tests by subject.

6-24-08 Chart displays ethnic score gap in CMS on end-of-grade math scores.

5-28-08 Supt. Gorman's plans to move principals from academically underperforming schools shows a focus on high-poverty schools, and only some of those.

5-21-08 The sky sends down congratulations to those preparing to graduate from CMS.

3-21-08 The N.C. Forum's Friday Report compares five-year school construction needs with expected revenue from N.C. education lottery.

3-21-08 CMS data shows the link between poverty and low academic performance.

3-4-08 CMS profiles Dr. Cindy Moss, a science educator who turns around student lives with high expectations.

3-1-08 CMS students reporting having been in a physical fight: Data from the 2007 CMS Youth Risk Behiavor Survey.

2-27-08 CMS students reporting being home alone after school: Data from the 2007 CMS Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

2-18-08 Daughter of 1980s school board member responds to Toronto Star story, laments changes in her Charlotte schools.

2-11-08 The Toronto Star reports on "new racial divide" in Charlotte.



12-13-07 Swann Fellowship Board endorses League of Women Voters effort to reform funding at high-needs CMS schools.

2-23-07 Little Rock school district declared unitary.

2-09-07 Dean of the UNC Law School, in an address to Charlotte lawyers, asks whether Charlotte assignment puts children at risk.

2-1-07 CMS dropouts soared in 2005-06. A Charlotte Observer report.

1-24-07 N.C. dropout rate accounting is about to change. An explanation from the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.

1-11-07 Schools turning to wealth, not race, to integrate schools. A USAToday report.

1-07-07 A Leandro-type lawsuit is filed in Washington State. A Seattle Times report.


12-07-06 Wisconsin Center for Education Research reviews the legacy of the 1966 Coleman report, finds that key finding "has stood the test of time."