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The CMS Commitment statement refers to Diversity Initiatives with these words:

"Equity Committee - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education (BOE) formed the Equity Committee in November 2002.  The board entrusted this appointed group of citizens from throughout the community with the responsibility of advising the BOE and CMS administration on equity issues within CMS." Full text.

At its meeting Tuesday, July 27, 2010, CMS dropped the checklist approach to tracking equity that was built into the annual reports below. As reported by the Charlotte Observer, "The new policy allows the board to continue the Equity Committee, but does not require the existence of such a panel. Most members said they want to create a new citizen advisory panel with a better-defined mission." See the Observer story.

In the months that followed, the board has not reconstituted the Equity Committee. Its budget cuts have fallen heavily on many of the equity initiatives tracked by the Committee.

As of March 2011, the CMS Commitment cited above remains on the CMS website. But the board's focus on placing resources where they are needed to help all children achieve their potential is over. The board's focus on the issue lasted from 2002 to 2010. And the goal, of course, was never achieved.



Staff Reports

The CMS administrative staff has also issued reports detailing progress against a number of standards set by the school board. Beginning in 2009, there was a report, a separate summary, then then a large number of separate files containing data.

In the 2009 listing, the first link is to the file as it was originally filed on the CMS site. The link under the word "cached" will bring up a copy of each item that is stored on this site against the event that the link into the CMS site is broken by CMS or is otherwise unavailable.



All links to individual files are on the CMS website at this page

CMS Staff Report

Executive Summary

Expenditures 2008-09 by School Type and by School

Faculty Standards

Library Holdings - Qualitative

Library Holdings - Quantitative

Library Personnel

CoCurricular Offerings: Middle Schools

CoCurricular Offerings: High Schools by Administrative Zone:

   Achievement Zone










Main report dated 1-27-09     cached


   Summary, released 1-27-09, dated 1-27-08     cached


Co-Curricular Activities 2008-09  (Leveled Reports)

   Elementary FOCUS    cached

   Elementary NonFOCUS    cached

   Middle Schools    cached

   High Schools    cached

Faculty  2008-2009


   Faculty Data    cached


Library Books


   Qualitative Standard Chart, all schools, 2007-2008    cached

   Quantitative Standard Chart, all schools, 2007-2008    cached

   Personnel Matrix, all schools, 2008-2009    cached

Per Pupil Expenditures 2007-2008 (Leveled Reports)


   Summary    cached


   Exceptional Children and Alternative Education    cached


   Elementary    cached


   Elementary Composite    cached

   Middle School    cached

   Middle School Composite    cached

   High School    cached

   High School Composite    cached




Staff report released 1-22-08




Equity Committee Reports

The CMS Equity Committee, appointed by the school board, has issued a number of reports. Among them:


2010 Annual Report to the Board Jan. 15, 2010 (marked Eighth Annual)


   Appendix on ESL

   Appendix on Parent Advocates

   Appendix on AP Course Comparisons

   Appendix on AP courses offered, by school, 2009-10 

             The board received this report Feb. 9, 2010. Board minutes from that session summarize discussion. 


2009 Annual Report to the Board Jan. 15, 2009 (marked Seventh Annual)     cached


2008 Annual Report to the Board    cached


2007 Annual Report to the Board    cached


2006 Report to the Board on Task Force Recommendations    cached


2006 Annual Report to the Board (fulltext)    cached


2006 Annual Report to the Board (PowerPoint)    cached


2005 Report to the Board on Student Assignment    cached


2004 Annual Report to the Board    cached


2003 Annual Report to the board     cached




The Educate! Archive

Click above for archived editions of Educate!, the community journal on eduction in Charlotte-Mecklenburg published by the Fellowship between September 2000 and September 2005.


Recommended Reading

These volumes have a special focus on Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

John Charles Boger & Gary Orfield (eds.), School Resegregation: Must the South Turn Back? (2005). ISBN: 0807829536; 0807856134.

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Peter Sacks, Tearing Down the Gates - Confronting the Class Divide in American Education (2007)ISBN: 978-0-520-24588-4."It helped me focus on inequities that poor children face in public education. It really goes after middle and upper middle class families who manipulate schools and districts to fulfill their needs at the expense of the kids who need the most and who are not getting it. Highly recommended" -- Jim Henderlite.

Stephen Smith, Boom for Whom? Education, Desegregation, and Development in Charlotte (2004). ISBN: 0791459853; 0791459861.